Pockets of Our Home

a few snaps of my favourite pockets of our home for your Friday.

It's been a long time between posts (like 2 years) but life has been busy. The last time I posted I was a mumma to one and now I'm a mumma to two sweet little babes. We have had a lot of changes around here, one being the name change of our business from Missprint Design to Loved and Found, along with the change we have a new website which is combined with our sister business, Loved and Found Prop Hire and Event Styling. With the changes I thought it was a good time to start the Blog up a again, a visual diary of our lifestyle, to document our journey from DIY, business, design and everything in between.

Hope you can all come along for the ride.

DIY Round Rope Mirror

So lately I have seen so many of these round hanging mirrors using either rope or leather to hang them, so when I stumbled across this round clock in bed, bath and beyond with it's gorgeous wide plywood framing for only $17, I instantly thought this would be the perfect foundation for my own DIY version.

This was the easiest project to undertake (with the help of my lovely partner, and master of powertools) it seriously only took about 10 minutes to put together and a total cost of about $60

Materials Needed:
x1 Clock from Bed, Bath and Beyond / This was on sale for about $17
x2 handles / brought from Bunning Hardware store $5 each
x1 round mirror / made to measure from my local glass shop $15
Thick rope / I brought 2 metres from Bunnings Hardware for about $3.60per metre and probably only used about 1.5 metres
x1 your choice of hook to hang mirror from / I purchased a wooden knob from General Electric $11
x1 power drill or hand screw driver

This was the original clock brought, I took it into my local glass shop where they measured the back of the clock from edge to edge and cut a mirror to fit.

Then it was off to my local Bunnings Hardware store to get rope and some kind of handles or clips to hang the rope from, I ended up getting vintage style door handles/pulls for about $5each.

The next few steps involved unscrewing the small closures on the back of the clock which kept the clock face in place then carefully inserting the newly cut mirror inside the frame then screwing the closures back into the framing to secure the mirror in place. From there it was just a matter of finding the right height for the handles (we ended up going just above half way) to go on the outer part of the frame (the frame was wide enough so that when we drilled holes for the handles it did not drill through into the mirror as the mirror sat towards the front edge of the framing) Once the handles were drilled in and secure we just tied the rope around each one and it was all done! easy as that!

Moodboard - Office Inspiration

Some office inspiration for your Friday, not long now until we move in and I get to create a fun home office/workspace! have a great weekend everyone!

1. love the shelving and brackets via tendenciasydecoracion.com
2. industrial locker love via houseofpictures.dk
3. love this table top via sweepmeup
4. open shelving via switcheroom
5. floorboard envy via mariasvitabo.blogspot
6. loving the shelves and brackets via thedesignchaser.com

Building Progress - Part 3

Well howdy folks,

It's been awhile since the last update but life is rather hectic with work and a 21 month old.
Building progress it slowly coming along, thought I should do another little photo montage of what's been happening. We have the interior walls all painted, and who would of thought it would be so hard to choose white paint, we ended up settling on Dulux Wairakei Half, seriously didn't think there would be so many 'whites' to choose from, this colour runs throughout the whole house except for the bathroom where we have used, Dulux Lakeside.

Along with the painting finished we have our $800 kitchen installed, yes that's right, 800 buckroos! that's not including our gorgeous wooden bench tops from Bunnings which where $99 each and our big beautiful freestanding oven we scored for $1000 via trademe. The fire is all ready and waiting for it's first fire... let's hope the need for that isn't for a few more months though, not quite ready for Summer to be over just yet. The bathroom is pretty much the only finished room in the place, just tapware and toilet to be installed (photos to come).

Now the big decision is what to do about flooring, currently the flooring is plywood, we have plywood on the ceiling which we are keeping as a feature so I really want to break up the wood and whitewash it.  I have already trialed a wood stain in 'driftwood' colour which I'm not 100% certain on, the other half want's black floors, but I just don't think I can live with dark floors, especially with a young child and a dog, can you imagine the marks that would show!

Moodboard - Interior ideas for the new digs

I've decided to gather up a few of my favourite images on pinterest to create a moodboard for the shed. I think it's fair to say it's a mix of rustic industrial with a hint of cottage charm.

Windows are going in this week after being delayed by 2 weeks... and we have stairs, the most amazing stairs ever! I'm totally in love with them, photos to come.

Building Progress - Part 2 - We have a roof and walls

Hi all,

Well, we finally have a roof on and walls, the shed is finally looking like it could be liveable.

Below are a few pics of the progress that has been made over the past few weeks. Windows will be in early next week.

Now the fun stuff can begin...bathroom and kitchen planning and fit-out, yay!

Inspiration boards to come...

Friday Favourites : DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Happy Friday everyone! I'm loving this mason jar chandelier I found on pinterest via Shanty 2 Chic and the best part it only cost 10 bucks to make.

This will look awesome hanging from my new decking once we have completed the build.

Find all the instructions here